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Upon the death of an individual, several probate scenarios present themselves.  In the event a Trust is part of the scenario, you will need assistance administering and possibly closing the Trust.  Various forms of probate include:  small estates, informal probates, and formal probates, the later of which are heard before the County Court in the county the decedent resided in at the time of his or her death.  Probates are a necessary process whether an individual had a will or whether he or she was intestate (no will was executed or the original will has not been located).  

We are well versed in the probate system and are here to help guide you through the process, prepare documents, and ensure you understand the various procedures. 

We have represented several different "sides" within Trust and Probate matters, including executors, trustees, personal representatives, and individuals who are beneficiaries of a Trust or Estate. 

Disputes may arise during the administration of a probate estate. We will provide you with accurate information and a realistic assessment as part of the competent representation you will need during the litigated dispute.